Saturday, November 28, 2009

First update in a while.

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while since my last update. School has been crazy, and I actually have to do an update soon related to that, but it’s the last week of classes and there is still a really terrifying amount of work to do.
For one thing I am an Honours student now, and I present a thesis proposal in a little over a week, but the last-minute changes that my supervisors are asking to make are SO stressful because of the amount of other work that I have to do, in addition to preparing my powerpoint presentation for my proposal which has to be changed with each new update.
I’m still at a loss as to whether it’s worth all of the work and stress. But on a positive note, I am doing a second Honours now in a discipline that I love a LOT more than this one. It’s an Honours equivalence so no thesis is required, but apparently it’ll be recorded on my transcript as Honours. So I’ll have that, too.
In terms of my shop, I’ve listed a LOT and have found a spot in my new apartment perfect (at certain times of day) for photographing my items. Yay for that.
Also I was featured in a tutorial the other day, here is the URL though it will expire soon:

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