Monday, September 7, 2009

Apartment woes.

So I'm in my apartment presently and have been here since last Wednesday. My classes begin tomorrow and if I wasn't apprehensive enough (I took a year off), I moved into an apartment above a bar and have had a hell of a time dealing with the noise and incessant partying of teens who frequent the place. My window is right above the bar's entrance, though it's on the third floor, and I'm still able to hear the screaming, cursing, and general socializing that goes on there. The outside of the place features a patio and a lot of people accumulate there as well as in the alleyway between my apartment and a newly-constructed building immediately next door.

I can hear the baseline to the music now, and it continues until 2AM each night with more teens lingering after the place closes & socializing very loudly. They've also taken to partying on the roof over my living room and outside my bathroom and bedroom window. They access it via the fire escape. It's also important to mention that I have no curtains and the windows are too high for me to put any up, so when this happens I have to pee in the dark and sleep in my living room. Never again will I live over a bar, and it's my own fault for not knowing that this place was one (it wasn't when my sister graduated, though).

I know I'm going to have to move and that makes the commencement of the semester that much more difficult. Part of me wants to move back home. Actually, a big part of me wants that as I am a homebody and I miss my family quite a lot.

On a more positive note, I found some works of Nietzsche for sale at the university bookstore & at a really reasonable price. A copy of each will be mine as of tomorrow. I'm also thrilled to have a new Nietzsche fridge magnet/finger puppet as well as a Hegel one. Is anyone else a fan of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild?

My father returns from Puerto Rico tomorrow morning too so I can finally consult him about my apartment problems tomorrow outside of email. Yay for that.

In terms of new listings, I've added a number of new items to my shop. Below is a taste of what's new:

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  1. I've lived some pretty scary/weird places, it can be annoying what you have to deal with. I promise you will laugh about it later :)

    Things like that will make you stronger. Just keep smiling and creating, it helps to stay sane ;)